a desert

The painting was completed for a young couple who wanted to remember their trip to the desert. Unfortunately, I had never been in the desert myself, so I spent quite some time researching whether the stones there looked red-orange, grey or black. I looked for quite a few pictures on the Internet, but I couldn't decide, because some had reddish, others black rocks. They end up being painted a reddish brown, as our couple remembers them.
Tole sliko sem dokončala za mlad par, ki si želi spomin na svoje potovanje v puščavo. Ker sama v puščavi še nikoli nisem bila, sem kar nekaj časa raziskovala, ali so kamni tam videti rdeče oranžno, sivi ali črni. Poiskala sem kar nekaj slik na internetu, a se nisem mogla odločiti, saj so nekatere imele rdečkaste drugi črne skale. Na koncu so pobarvane rdeče rjavo, kot se jih spomni naš par.
I personally don't think the rocks are that important. But I do hope they will notice that the camel is smiling.
Sama mislim, da skale niso tako zelo pomembne. Upam, da bosta opazila, da se kamela smehlja.



  1. They certainly look like desert rocks to me, though the camel looks more friendly than some I've met!

  2. Love it. Smiling camel and all!

  3. They will love it! I think the colours are perfect.

  4. Your new header is lovely too.

  5. Margi - I think it is very special that you took the time to investigate the color of the rocks for this gift!!! And I agree with other comments about camels - they are not always smiling!

  6. I have been to the desert out west here in the USA. The rocks changed colors all day long depending on the location of the sun. So, the picture is perfect. They were that color when the artist was painting.

    I have no knowledge about smiling camels but do like the friendly one in the picture.


  7. WOW WOW WOW Margi absolutely stunning, your are so talented.


  8. It is nice to meet Margi. I'm in love with Green too, if you mean the color that is. Nice camel. It looks like the desert to me!

  9. My internet has created a glitch, so I am running late visiting. Your camel is beautiful. I think it is adorable and perfect for Art Journal Journey. It is nice to meet you and I hope we get to know you better in the future, too.


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