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Monte Guarda (Skutnik)

Yesterday it was very hot, above the average for this time of the year. Despite the warm day, we decided to climb Mt. Guarda (Skutnik) in search of the fresh air and idyllic views. Včerajšnja nedelja je bila zelo vroča, nadpovprečna za ta čas. Mi smo kljub toplemu dnevu odšli v hribe, na Skutnik po sveži zrak in razglede. First, we drove to the small village of Uccea (Učja) near the Italian border and parked just a little further from the church. The path marked 733 led us to the mountain Caal (Kal), and then we continued along the path marked 731 to the top of Mt. Guard (Skutnik). Najprej smo se peljali do majhne vasice Uccea (Učja) v bližini italijanske meje in parkirali le malo naprej od cerkve. Pot z oznako 733 nas je vodila do planine Caal (Kal),nato pa smo nadaljevali po poti z oznako 731 do vrha Mt. Guarda (Skutnika). At the beginning the path to the fairy-tale mountain pasture Caal (Kal) leads through the forest. It felt good walking in the forest, fresh and relaxing even thoug

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