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our garden in May 2023

In our garden May is probably the most beautiful month. Usually, it was a busy month for me, full of intensive work and lack of time, except this year. Due to some medical problems with my fingers on the right hand it was impossible for me to do the gardening and I also had problems with other activities such as typing last month. So, the monthly report from my garden is a little late. But things are getting better, and I hope the situation will be normal soon. I really wouldn't like to moan. In fact this unwelcome pause gave me an opportunity to observe nature, listen to the birdsongs, look for the ladybug and eat some strawberries. Na vrtu je verjetno maj najlepši mesec. Ponavadi sem ta mesec zelo zaposlena, imam polno opravil in kar naprej mi primanjkuje časa, Letošnje leto pa je izjema. Zaradi zdravstvenih problemov s prsti na desni roki nisem mogla vrtnariti, vsa opravila so postala težja in zakomplicirana, tudi tipkala sem težko. Zato moje mesečno poročilo iz vrta malo zamuja

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