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our garden in February 2023

At the moment Crocus flowers are blooming all over the meadows as well as in my garden. After a long winter period, bright colours are very welcome. Ne samo na travnikih, tudi v mojem vrtu v tem mesecu cvetijo žafrani. Po dolgem zimskem obdobju so žive barve še kako dobrodošle. In addition to yellow and purple, there are also some white fragile flowers there. Poleg rumene in vijolične so tu še nežni beli cvetovi. About a week or two ago I started with the first spring works in the garden like cleaning the vegetables and flower beds. But lately it has been very windy and cold here. I get the impression the winter is back. So, it will be necessary to wait a little longer to continue with garden work. I have already started peppers and tomatoes seeds indoors. Pred kakšnim tednom ali dveh sem začela s prvimi pomladnimi opravili na vrtu in sicer s čiščenjem gredic. Zadnje dni je tu zelo vetrovno in precej hladno, prava zima. Še malo bo potrebno počakati na toplejše dni. Papriko in paradižni

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